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Terms and Conditions

The Organizing Committee of the 360SciTech describe to those interested in attending the event as listeners or abstract presenters the following information:




From March 31st to April 1st, 3rd, 4th, the NanoCycle group of the University of Brasília will hold the 360 SciTech at Brasília, Brazil.

The Main goal of this event is:

To promote a transdisciplinary vision that includes: engineering, technology, innovation, sustainability and health


The Specific goals are:

• To encourage students to participate in scientific events;

To foment interactions among professionals, students and researchers in different areas;

• To promote the increase and exchange of knowledge among researchers, managers, professionals and students.



scitechPrancheta 1_edited.png



Those interested in attending the event have two registration options:

  1. Through webpage by clicking the “Register” tab and making the payment with “Sympla” (which includes a service tax).

  2. Direct registration and payment, by transferring or depositing cited values in one of the following bank accounts:

  • (1) Banco do Brasil | Branch (Agência): 3603-x | Account (Conta corrente): 55087-6

  • (2) Banco de Brasília | Branch (Agência): 0219 | Account (Conta Corrente): 7687-5.

  • These options does not include any taxes.

After the payment is made, those interested must send an e-mail to containing:

(1) Full name of the attendant; (2) Name of the home Institution affiliated (if any); (3) Type of register (undergraduate student, Master student, PhD student or Professional); and (4) Payment receipt attached.

 The payment values (in brazilian Reais) are contained in the following table:

Tabela de Valores - SciTech.png
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