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SPEAKER: Paulo de Souza / Fabiane Hiratsuka  de Souza

Electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is a spectroscopic technique based on electronic spin inversion. When the energy difference between the down and up states of the unpaired electrons of the material equals the energy of the microwave photons, the sample starts to absorb the microwaves and then the spectrometer detects the resonance.
Biological systems produce free radicals as a result of physiological and pathological events. The detection of free radicals by EPR is, at first, very attractive. However, a direct free radicals recording is not possible by the continuous wave equipment, which can be overcome with the use of spin probes (spin markers) that make possible to detect and identify the types of ROS, as well as the production sites .

MINICOURSE "Free radicals quantification by EPR in biological systems"

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